Tips for Learning Spanish

Many Spanish students want tips for learning Spanish faster. Since language learning is something that is difficult to measure students often feel like they are not progressing. For your motivated students here are some actionable tips (or advice) on learning Spanish faster--- feel free to share.  1. Do Your Daily Routines in Spanish If you are already in the habit of doing things every day, ... Read More about Tips for Learning Spanish

Back to School Bilingual Reading List

Are you looking for a few Spanish or bilingual books to add to your classroom library? Below you will find a few of my favorites. I read most of these at the beginning of the year. Most of the books are about important topics and issues that we deal with in the classroom on a daily basis.  1.The Girl Who never Made Mistakes (La niña que nunca cometía errores) (Mark Pett) A book about a girl ... Read More about Back to School Bilingual Reading List

Bilingual Halloween Writing Prompts

Halloween is right around the corner. Where I work, we can't celebrate holidays at school which many first graders (and adults) can't comprehend. We can however, learn and talk about holidays or celebrations. My students had a blast coming up with stories for these Halloween writing prompts. The graphics really helped them think of many fun and scary stories. We were able to use them the whole ... Read More about Bilingual Halloween Writing Prompts

Bilingual Fall Counting and Graphing

Counting and Graphing is an essential skill for our students. Most of my students need reinforcement in one language or the other. Most of the kids are proficient in counting in their home language (Spanish) at this time and are lacking confidence in their English counting skills. I try to find time to fit counting into the day to ensure that all students are "bilingual" in counting. I count when ... Read More about Bilingual Fall Counting and Graphing

Rainbow Writing HFW Words (Plabras de uso frecuente- Escribir un arcoíris)

  Did you have spelling words when you were a kid? I remember my mom making me write them over and over again. It was so boring. To ensure that your students aren't bored when they are practicing high-frequency words or spelling words in the classroom or at home have them do rainbow writing. This is repetitive but fun. This can be done with markers or colored pencils. I've done it as a ... Read More about Rainbow Writing HFW Words (Plabras de uso frecuente- Escribir un arcoíris)