Rainbow Writing HFW Words (Plabras de uso frecuente- Escribir un arcoíris)


Did you have spelling words when you were a kid? I remember my mom making me write them over and over again. It was so boring.

To ensure that your students aren’t bored when they are practicing high-frequency words or spelling words in the classroom or at home have them do rainbow writing. This is repetitive but fun. This can be done with markers or colored pencils. I’ve done it as a literacy center, for fast finishers or kids that need extra help remember key ‘plabras de uso frecuente’ (HFW’s) .

The first couple times you most likely will have to model this. In my experience, the girls and the creative kiddos enjoy this activity a lot.

If you have kids who need something more difficult or finish this activity quickly; they could always write a sentence using each word as a next step.

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