Bilingual Fall Counting and Graphing

Counting and Graphing is an essential skill for our students. Most of my students need reinforcement in one language or the other. Most of the kids are proficient in counting in their home language (Spanish) at this time and are lacking confidence in their English counting skills. I try to find time to fit counting into the day to ensure that all students are “bilingual” in counting. I count when we are getting in line, transitioning or getting backpacks ready. I count backwards and forwards and in both languages depending what the target language is at that time.

As time goes on I see more Kindergarten and first-grade teachers having kids how to graph on a regular basis. It is a fun activity and important that our students understand the concept of graphing and interpreting the information from a young age. I have some teacher friends that do graphing every day. with their class… (um… WOW!) I’m not that awesome but I try to include it in our schedule at least once a week.

In this activity, students in Pre-K or Kindergarten count the number of objects at the top. They record how many of each object appeared. They then input the information from counting exercise onto the bar graph. As you can see it is ‘fall’ themed and has pictures of pumpkins, acorns, turkeys and leaves.

This product is for sale in our TPT Store here. It is bilingual, so the activity comes both in English and in Spanish. If you are looking for something a little bit more difficult; we have a fall counting activity for kindergarten and first graders here.