Tips for Learning Spanish

Many Spanish students want tips for learning Spanish faster. Since language learning is something that is difficult to measure students often feel like they are not progressing. For your motivated students here are some actionable tips (or advice) on learning Spanish faster— feel free to share. 

1. Do Your Daily Routines in Spanish
If you are already in the habit of doing things every day, why not try doing the same things but in Spanish.

Watch/Read the news
Listen to music
Write in a journal
Read a book
Chat online
Use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)
Watch TV or movies
Listen to the radio

Try to immerse yourself in Spanish. Do as many things in Spanish as you can each day. If you get in the habit of doing something in Spanish every day (even for 10 or 15 minutes) you definitely will learn more than you think in a short time.

2. Make a Spanish Speaking Friend
Spend time with people who are native Spanish speakers or who love Spanish. This could be in your own city or you could learn to speak Spanish online. By connecting and forming relationships with Spanish speakers you will be motivated to speak in Spanish. Also, you will find that the more you practice the easier it will become to talk to someone or have a conversation.

Look for language exchange partners,  teachers, exchange students, new immigrants or anyone that you think would like to practice Spanish with you. Remember it doesn’t need to be formal. Just spending 10 or 20 mins. a day speaking in Spanish will likely help you improve quickly.

3. Be Positive. 
If you have a negative mindset… or surround yourself with negative people then you will struggle to improve your Spanish quickly. If you are positive and really think you can learn Spanish; then you will.

By believing that you can learn good Spanish and have a positive attitude you will retain more Spanish. If you have a negative attitude and keep telling yourself that “It’s too hard.” or “I will never learn Spanish.” or “I speak horrible Spanish.”… then you will have a very difficult time figuring out how to learn Spanish fast because your head and heart aren’t in it.

Stay positive and think about everything that you have learned and how much progress you are making.

4. Focus on Your Actions…Not on the End Results.
If you need to know how to learn Spanish, guess what? YOU NEED TO SPEAK SPANISH!
Stop wasting time thinking about speaking Spanish.
Stop wasting your time thinking about being fluent in Spanish.
Stop looking up the best ways to learn Spanish.
Stop looking up the best Spanish accent to learn.
Stop looking for the best Spanish classes or learning techniques.
Stop thinking about embarrassment, fear and mistakes.
Stop reading boring textbooks about Spanish grammar exercises.

Start Speaking Spanish… NOW.

Dreaming about speaking Spanish fluently isn’t going to help you. The only way you can help yourself is to start speaking and listening to more Spanish. You could listen to music, the radio or podcasts. You could watch TV or movies. You could find a Spanish conversation partner or travel to a Spanish speaking country. The most important thing is that you are taking action towards your goal. Focus on the small things that you can do to improve your Spanish now.

5. Invest in Yourself.
You are important. Your future. Your goals. Your education. Try investing in your education… you will see quicker results than endlessly surfing the net looking for free Spanish resources and classes. Why not try online Spanish conversation lessons?

If you want to quickly learn to speak Spanish online than you need to invest time, effort and money in yourself and your Spanish learning. If your Spanish really is a priority in your life, invest in your education. If you don’t want to learn online, try traveling to a Spanish speaking country. Learning to speak Spanish fluently will change your life…. for the better.

You should have a few tips for learning Spanish fast… or at least faster than you are learning it right now. Buena suerte!