Back to School Bilingual Reading List

Are you looking for a few Spanish or bilingual books to add to your classroom library? Below you will find a few of my favorites. I read most of these at the beginning of the year. Most of the books are about important topics and issues that we deal with in the classroom on a daily basis. 

1.The Girl Who never Made Mistakes (La niña que nunca cometía errores) (Mark Pett)

A book about a girl names Beatrice that has never made a mistake. She is known for never making mistakes…. until the unthinkable happens…. she makes her first mistake! 

2. ¡Qué nervios! El primer día de escuela

Sarah Jane doesn’t want to go to school. She is nervous. She reluctantly goes to school and feels better once she meets her teacher and classmates.

3. ¡Así me siento yo!

This books talks about different feelings that kids/people feel. Great to use in a lesson about feelings or emotions in the first month of school.

4. ¿Has llenado una cubeta hoy? (Versión Bilingüe) By Carol McCloud

Book that teaches kids about being bucket fillers and encourages positive behavior.

5. Qué cosas dice mi abuela By Ana Galan

Great book where the abuelita is sharing different sayings and lessons with her grand kids based on their behavior and actions. Some of the sayings might need further explanation or examples for some students to understand completely.

6. ¡No me gusta cómo se oye NO! (Versión Bilingüe) By Rebecca Cook

Rico hates the word ‘no’! His teacher tries to get him to be more positive. Rico eventually tries and learns the benefits of these social skills at school and at home.

7. ¿Cómo son buenos amigos los dinosaurios? By Jane Yolen

Great book in this series by Jane Yolen about dinosaurs and how the have normal everyday problems and then fix them.

8. ¿Debo compartir mi helado? By Mo Williems

Another great book by Mo Williems. Piggie and Gerald learning about sharing.

9. Si llevas un ratón a la escuela By Laura Numeroff

A classic from the same author as ‘If you give a mouse a cookie’.

10. Ruby, Mono ve, mono hace
Great book about being a copy cat. This is one of my favorites.

Don’t see one of your favorites here? Let us know in the comments what your favorites back to school books are.