Teaching about Earth Day in Spanish


Earth Day día de la Tierra) is coming up on April 22nd. Are you ready to teach about it? In this article I have compiled some resources, ideas and crafts that you might find helpful to use or do in your Spanish or Immersion classroom during April, on Earth Day or while teaching a science unit about ‘Reduce, Reuse. Recycle”.

Some short videos on YouTube:

Gloria cuida el medio ambiente


Spanish Earth Day (Rockalingua)

Día de la Tierra (Discovery Kids)


Books in Spanish about Earth Day, Recycling and taking care of the planet Earth

Looking for a few books to use when teaching about El día de la Tierra? Below you will see five books that would be helpful to use in your classroom to introduce or extend this topic in your Immersion, Bilingual or Spanish class.
1- Reducir, reutilizar  y reciclar (Bilingual version)

2- Por que debo proteger la naturaleza? 

3- Por que debo reciclar? 

4- 10 cosas que puedes hacer para reducir, reciclar y reutilizar

5- Las 3 erres. Reutilizar, reciclar y reducir

If you are looking for activities for your K-2 Spanish immersion or dual language class about Earth Day or on recycling I have created the following resources below about that topic. Below you can see a few of the worksheets and activities included in this resource. This Earth Day and recycling resource in Spanish includes coloring sheets, word search, multiple writing sheets in Spanish, cut and paste sheets and much more.


Here is an Earth Day or science vocabulary word wall that you would use in your classroom. It has many common words used to teach vocabulary about this topic and each word has a picture that goes with it. It could be used in a pocket chart, as a writing center, as a vocabulary word wall or bulletin board during the month of April.

Word walls are great to use in all levels of Spanish classrooms. Students are instantly able to use words that are specific to the unit of study and know the meaning by associating it with the picture, which cuts down on saying words in English or the students L1.

Craft (Manualidades) for Earth Day:
This is a fun, simple and inexpensive craft that can be made with a toilet paper roll, peanut butter (or other nut butter), bird seed and a string. You can see the steps in the picture. It is a relatively fast craft to complete and kids love ‘reusing’ something and bring home (or even hanging at school) the bird feeders.

What are some other activities that you like to do with your class to teach about Earth Day and recycling in Spanish?  I would love to hear your ideas in the comments.