15 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Spanish

Are you looking for a YouTube channel to help your students learn Spanish or to use in class as authentic materials in Spanish? Or maybe you want to learn Spanish on your own time or teach it to your kids. YouTube can be overwhelming; there are thousands of channels on YouTube and sometimes it takes time to find the best ones. As a teacher, you don’t have time to spend hours going down holes on YouTube.

Here are some of the best YouTube channels for learning Spanish. Some are focused on teaching Spanish vocabulary or providing comprehensible stories in Spanish for older Spanish students. Others have songs and other fun activities for young Spanish learners.

For preschool and lower elementary students:
This is a list of eight Spanish channels for young learners would work best with students in Preschool or lower elementary school or with young children at home. Some videos would also be appropriate for older students that are just learning Spanish basics. Each channel has a wide variety of videos available. Some have songs, others have stories and some even have fun phonetic lessons with a monkey.

1. Luna Creciente

2. A Tiempo Preescolar

3. Pica Pica

4. Toy Cantando

5. Super Simple Español

6. Leoncito Alado

7. Gallinita Pintadita

8. Fiestikids

For Older Students (Middle School, High School and Beyond):
The best seven YouTube Channels for middle and high school (or even adult learners) have a Little bit of everything on them. Some are focused on comprehensible input whereas other have traditional lessons written on a whiteboard. This is a little bit of everything here… so, as to find something all learners (or teachers) like.

1. Dreaming Spanish

2. Senor Jordan

3. Comprehensible Spanish

4. NachoTime Spanish

5. Habla Jorge (from Spanish Playground)

6. Butterfly Spanish

7. The Spanish Dude

I hope you found this list of the 15 best YouTube channels to learn Spanish helpful. Do you have another favorite that you love to use in class or at home? Please share.