Songs in Spanish about being in Quarantine

Stuck inside or looking for a new song in Spanish to share with students during ‘cuarentena’?

We’ve been in our house for several weeks now and are enjoying new songs that have come out in Spanish and are discovering old songs that have brought some meaning to this time. The general theme(s) for most of these songs if about staying home, safe and/or being thankful.

If you are going a little bit bonkers and want some new songs to add to your playlist; like us. Because #quedateencasa or #stayathome is our reality right now; we’ve got you covered. Most of these songs are from Spain; when/if more are published from other countries we will add them to the list.

As always, if sharing with students preview the videos and lyrics to ensure they are “appropriate” for the age group that you work with.

Here are a few of our favorite songs in Spanish right now while we are at home:

  1. Resistaré
    Song by Warner Music Spain- made by a compilation of famous Spanish singers.

2. Vivir

Song by Rozalén y Estopa- Happy song and makes you reflect on how you live or see things.

3. Volveremos a brindar

This song by Lucia Gil, depicts how most people in the world are living and connecting virtually during this time while staying inside.

4. Un canto a la vida’

Another song that brings light to this difficult time and what people are experiencing or going through. By Vanesa Martin.

5. Capitulos (desde casa)

This song by Dvicio is not as somber as some of the other but another song in Spanish to consider sharing.

6. Barrer a Casa

Sofía Ellar and Álvaro Soler sing a beautiful together about staying home.

7. Si Tú La Quieres

Song by David Bisbal and Aitana song about loving and being loved even at a distance.

After listening to ONE or ALL of these songs, here are a few ideas of what students could do while e-learning or distance learning in your Spanish class:

  1. Share a picture collage or video of a day in their life in quarantine (cuarentena).
  2. Make up their own song, music video, poem or parody about being in quarantine.
  3. Write a “Thank You” letter to public workers (doctors, nurses, paramedics, police, grocery workers, delivery people, military, etc.) that are working to protect us and keep us safe during this time.
  4. Make a list of things they can’t wait to do or who they want to spend their time with once the “cuarentena” is over.
  5. Compare and contrast how COIVD-19 has been handled in different Spanish speaking countries in Europe and the Americas.
  6. Write a letter to themselves in the future (or their future children) telling them about this time. What are they doing? Who are they with? What are they thinking about? How do they feel? What is going on? How do they pass their days? etc.
  7. Make a list of things in their life that they are thankful for. Often we don’t appreciate things until they are taken away from us.
  8. If you were the president of __________, how would you help the people/population or make decisions during this difficult time?
  9. Why is staying home difficult for many people to do in developing countries? What could governments, non-profits, and the average citizen do to help our neighbors out during this time?

Obviously depending on the language skills, some of these activities could be done in Spanish or English for your middle school or high school Spanish classes.

Other songs that you are loving right now? Other distance-learning or e-learning assignments or project ideas? Leave a comment and share.