BPP1- Introduction to the Bilingual Profe Podcast

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In today’s episode, Janet introduces the Bilingual Profe Podcast and herself.


You are listening to the Bilingual Profe Podcast, episode number one. Today, I’ll introduce myself and this new podcast to you. Stay tuned.

The Bilingual Profe Podcast is for busy bilingual teachers looking to improve their teaching practices in the classroom. If you are a bilingual, Spanish immersion, or dual language teacher, then this is the podcast for you. We’ll talk tips, ideas, and best practices for your bilingual classroom. Are you one of us? Come join the conversation at bilingualprofe.com.

Welcome to episode one of the Bilingual Profe Podcast. My name is, Janet, and I am the host of this show. I decided to start this podcast because being a bilingual teacher is different than being a regular education teacher. We have more to consider and best practices in bilingual education, and dual language education are ever-changing.

I’ve been in contact with many teachers through my website and social media. Many dual language teachers express that they lack quality bilingual resources, instructions on how and what to teach, and in what language, and feel like they get mixed messages from administrators, from district professionals, and even from social media or books and publications, and many often feel alone.

Many bilingual teachers are the only teacher in their school, or grade level, that is teaching in Spanish. Some are new and they might be starting a new bilingual, dual language, or Spanish immersion program in their school district or school. And they’re often the pioneers of this experience and don’t have anyone to ask questions or bounce ideas off of. And others have taught before, but not in the Spanish language, so they were teaching in general ed English, and have now been placed in a bilingual classroom, so this is a new experience.

Many others are new to the United States and bilingual education in the United States. These are teachers from Spain, Chile, Colombia, among others, that were contracted to teach in bilingual programs in the US, and they’re new to the US education system and exactly what is required of them where they work.

My goal for this podcast is that you, as a current or future bilingual educator, have a place to tune in and get tips, and ideas, that you can use and implement in your bilingual classroom to help you become a better educator and improve your students’ language acquisition and learning.

On this podcast, I will be interviewing all types of people in the field of bilingual education, bi-literacy, and second language acquisition, as well as, every day average bilingual teachers, like you and me, that are doing great things in their classrooms, and others that are struggling and need some tips or support. Not all shows will be interviews and I will do some solo shows about a variety of topics too.

As I said earlier, my name is, Janet, and I have been working in schools for the past 13 years. I have worked as a Spanish immersion teacher in both, one way and two-way immersion programs, as well as, a Spanish language teacher in all grade levels, from K through 12th grade.

That’s it for this first episode. I wanted to keep this introduction podcast short and sweet. Please tune into episode two, where I’ll interview a bilingual kindergarten teacher from Texas.

Thanks for tuning in. If you are a busy bilingual profe, I’d love to hear from you. Head over to bilingualprofe.com to connect to other bilingual educators just like you. See you next time. Bye, bye.