10 Best Books for Bilingual and Immersion Teachers

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It often hard to find books and professional development that was made for bilingual teachers.

It is important for new bilingual teachers and students studying to be bilingual teachers to learn explicit strategies that will work for them in their dual language, immersion or bilingual classrooms. Also, for school districts that are considering starting a Spanish immersion program or strand, these are some helpful books that can inform your decision and education on bilingual education and biliteracy.

Some of these books have a drier and informational academic approach to the information based on research whereas other have practical tips, tricks and ideas for you to implement in your bilingual or immersion classroom today.

10 Best Books that all Bilingual and Immersion Teachers Should Read:

1. Teaching for Biliteracy: Strengthening Bridges between Languages By Karen Beeman and Cheryl Urow

2. Biliteracy from the Start: Literacy Squared in Action by Kathy Escamilla, Susan Hopewell and many others.

3. Dual Language Essentials for Teachers and Administrators  by Yvonne S Freeman and David E Freeman

4. Dual Language Education: Program Design and Implementation By Sonia Soltero

5. An Educator’s Guide to Dual Language Instruction: Increasing Achievement and Global Competence, K–12 By Gayle Westberg and Leslie Davidson

6. Academic Language in Diverse Classrooms: Definitions and Contexts By Margo Gottlieb and Gisela Ernst-Slavit

7. A Parents’ and Teachers’ Guide to Bilingualism By Colin Baker

8. The Translanguaging Classroom: Leveraging Student Bilingualism for Learning By Ofelia Garcia and Susana Ibarra Johnson

9. ¡Toma la palabra! by Monica Lara (Text in Spanish)

10. The ELL Teacher’s Toolbox: Hundreds of Practical Ideas to Support Your Students By Larry Ferlazzo (For ELL teachers but it has tons of GREAT tips and ideas that could be used in an immersion classroom)

Hopefully, you found a book on this list that interests you and can help improve your practices as a bilingual or immersion teachers.  Did I miss any of your favorite books on bilingual education? Let me know and we will add them to the list.