18 Spring Books in Spanish for Kids

Spring is here! Llegó la primavera. Are you looking for a list of books in Spanish to add to your classroom library or collection about Spring? I have compiled a list of 18 books in Spanish that would be a great addition for primary (Pre-K through second grade) bilingual, immersion or Spanish classrooms or even to read at home with your bilingual kids. They are full of fun animals, babies, life cycles and insects.

The books on this list are a variety of levels. Some are simple basic board books that emergent readers could read or that could be used as a read aloud to introduce or extend vocabulary in Spanish. Both fiction and nonfiction are included.

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List of Spring books in Spanish.

1. La gallina cocorina By Mar Pavón
A story about a clumsy hen with a kind heart.

2. La luz de Lucía By Margarita del Mazo
A story about a family of fireflies, Lucía is too small to shine like the others and learns important lessons along the way.

3. La Gallinita Roja By Carol Ottolenghi
Bilingual tale of the ‘Little Red Hen’.

4. Margarito By Carmen Gil
A story about a donkey getting older, a new donkey on the farm and the value of experience and knowledge.


5. Los dientes del trino rojo By Marta Zafrilla
This book is about a bird that what to have good oral hygiene and brush his teeth.

6. ¿Eres Mi Mama? By P.D. Eastman
A cute board book about a little bird that hatches and tries to find his mom.

7. El suelo: Tierra y arena By Natalie M. Rosinsky
Book with information about soil and dirt in Spanish. Great for a unit on plants.

8. Cuaquito By Lauren Thompson
A board book about a Mother duck and her patitos getting bigger.


9. Perdido y Solo By Janan Cain
A book about getting lost and being alone as told by an insect.

10. El patito feo By Luz Orihuela
The classic tale of the Ugly Duckling in Spanish.

11. Oso quiere volar By Susanna Isnern
Bear receives advice from other forest animals on the best way to learn to fly.

12. La oruga muy hambrienta By Eric Carle
A board book about the very hungry caterpillar in Spanish.


13. La vida de una mariposa By Teacher Created Materials
Simple text about the butterfly life cycle in Spanish.

14. Cocorina en el jardín de espejos By Mar Pavón https://amzn.to/2GJmkbc
Cute store about the Cocorina hen that is highly distractible. A fun creative story.

15. Escarabajos By Grace Hansen
A nonfiction book about beetles in Spanish.

16. La familia Bola By Mónica Carretero
About a family of insects and how not to judge others by their appearance.


17. El Ciclo de vida de las plantas By Julie Lundgren
A nonfiction book about the plant life cycle in Spanish.

18. Cómo crece una semilla By Helene J. Jordan
How a seed grows and the plant life cycle.


Many of these books would go great with a science unit about baby animals, oviparous animals or insects. Do you have any other favorite books in Spanish for Spring?