Spanish Nursery Rhymes

As a bilingual mom of five, I thought it would be important for my kids to learn Spanish nursery rhymes in addition to the English ones they were learning at home and at daycare. In Spanish nursery rhymes are usually called; canciónes de cuna, OR rondas infantiles.

What is a nursery rhyme? A nursery rhyme is a traditional song or rhyme that most children learn when they are young.  It is one of those songs that everyone knows words to when they hear it and it brings them back to their childhood.

I compiled a list of Spanish nursery rhymes that might be helpful to teach you, elementary Spanish classes, play during class or teach to your own bilingual children. Most of the Spanish nursery rhymes on this list should be familiar or you may even have heard them before since many have been around for generations.

It is important to teach not only the Spanish language but culture to your students (and your kids). One of the best ways to teach culture is through authentic songs and materials.

Nursery Rhymes in Spanish:

Arroz con leche

Que llueve 

Los pollitos dicen 

La Ronda (Rueda) de Pan y Canela 

Sol solecito luna lunera 

Habia un sapo 

El barquito chiquito 

La mar estaba serena 

Pin Pón

Palomita blanca 

Marcha soldado 

Rueda, rueda, rueda 

You can subscribe to my YouTube Spanish nursery rhyme playlist. That way you can access all of these children’s songs more easily.

Which of these is your favorite Spanish nursery rhyme? Do any of them bring back memories from your childhood? Which of these nursery rhymes in Spanish will you teach to your class (or kids)?