Brain Breaks in Spanish for Your Bilingual Class

As any primary teacher knows, it is important to get your class up and moving often. I love ‘Go Noodle’ but I am always looking for brain breaks in Spanish to do with my bilingual students. Most of these will work with a variety of age groups— though some are geared at younger learners. 

Try a few out and figure out which are your student’s favorites. My students love ‘Soy una serpeinte’ and ‘Baila Baila’ 

Here is a list of songs and dances that your students might like to do as a brain break in your bilingual classroom. Many have fun dances and movements to gets your kids out of their seats and up on their feet moving.

These would also be great to do when there is indoor recess, as an incentive or you just need to get the wiggles out of your kids.

1. Learn Body Parts with Basho

2. Jelly Jam Salta 

3. El Baile del Sapito

4. La cumbia del monstruo de la laguna 

5. Baila Baila 

6. Atencion, Atencion, este Juego va a empezar.

7. Chu-Chu-Ua


8. Soy una serpiente

9. Atencion Atencion- Bam Bim Bum

10. Salta! Salta 

11. Ponte a bailar 

12. El baile Hokey Pokey 

13. Tomaditos en parejas 

14. Atencion Atencion

15. Dar una vuelta 


Hopefully, you and your students enjoy some of these brain breaks in Spanish. It is always to take a few minutes and have fun in class. Check out the entire Body Breaks playlist on our YouTube channel. 

Did we forget any of your favorites? Let us know! We will add them.