Best ‘Villancicos’ in Spanish

Looking for the best ‘Villancicos’  or traditional Christmas song in Spanish? Look no further. 

Villancicos are popular Christmas songs often sang by Christmas Carolers that go door-to-door. Singing ‘villancicos’ is a fun way to celebrate Christmas spirit and holiday traditions in many Spanish speaking countries. These are great traditions for students in your classes or your own bilingual children to learn about when learning about cultural and holiday traditions in the Americas.

List of the best villancicos in Spanish

  1. Los peces en el rio 
  2. Mi burrito sabanero  
  3. Campana sobre campana 

4. Noche de paz 

5. En el portal de  Belén

6. Tun Tun 

7. Venid Pastorcillos 

8. Arre borriquito 

9. Blanca Navidad 

10. Los Pastores a Belén 

11. Ande Ande Ande Marimorena 

12.Chiquitín, chiquitín 

These ‘Villancicos’ are great traditional songs to teach or expose students or children to when learning about cultural or family traditions in December. Did I forget any of your favorites? Let us know and we will add them to this list.