100 day of school ideas in Spanish

The one-hundredth day in school is a great day to celebrate in your bilingual or Spanish immersion class.  Below are a bunch of ideas listed that you could use to celebrate this special day in Spanish.  Click here to get your own printable list of 100th Day Activities in Spanish.

Some classes dress up like 100-year-olds which could be fun or decorate t-shirts or capes with 100 objects on them. Both are great ideas to get kids excited about celebrating being 100 days smarter.

Another fun project that can be done leading up to the 100th day of school is having families make a collection of 100 objects. I always send home a letter explaining the project and it is fun to display on a bulletin board. Students are surprised to see that 100 looks very different depending on what you are looking at. 100 beads or pieces of rice look way different than 100 legos or 100 cotton balls. I usually have students and families turn in their collection of 100 the week before our 100th-day celebration so I have time to display it in the hallway or classroom on a bulletin board.

Making a hundredth-day crown is a fun activity or way to start out the morning. Students could color and decorate a crown that they get to wear for the rest of the day.

I like to start out the day with a fun morning meeting questions. I usually make a chart with “Yo quisiera tener/Me gustaria tener 100…” and  on the other side “No quisiera tener/No me gustaria tener 100…” It is always fun to see students answers. Some kids would love 100 cute cats whereas others think that is a terrible idea.

During writers workshop in Spanish, you could have your class write what they would do with $100 dollars. It is always fun to see that they write about. Many have no concept of $100 because they think they could buy a house or car with it. They could also write a list of 100 words in Spanish or write a story with 100 words.

For reading, students could read 100 high-frequency words in Spanish or see how many words they can read in 100 seconds.

During your math block there are a variety of activities that you could do:

You could have students write numbers to 100, count 100 objects or build something with 100 legos, blocks or cups.

During math your could all have students roll dice adding to 100 or use a hundreds charts as a board game an have a ‘carrera a 100’. Students could do 100 subtraction or addition problems. Do puzzles with 100 pieces (individually or as groups). Make necklaces with 100 pieces of cereal or 100 beads. They could do 100 exercises or exercise for 100 seconds.

For a special snack on the hundredth day of school in Spanish class, you could make a trail mix and have students eat 100 snacks. I usually ask parents to send in a donation of different food items: M&M’s, chocolate chips, crackers, cookies, raisins and different cereals to make a 100-day snack.

Want your own printable list of 100th Day of School ideas in Spanish?  Click here to get it.

Or you can buy 100-day printables for your bilingual class here